We are located in Kaimuki at 1144 10th Avenue, Suite 302 between Harding Avenue and Waialae Avenue (see map on 'Contact' page). We are in the Isoshima building with Kaimuki Dry Goods across from the Kaimuki Park tennis courts. Access 10th Avenue from Harding Avenue as it is a one way street heading mauka.


We are so fortunate to have free parking here at the Isoshima Building in any of the 9 Visitor Stalls #49-58 which are located at the front of the parking lot.  Please, no parking in the stalls marked for Kaimuki Dry Goods or Reserved, which are located towards the back of the parking lot.

 We love our neighbors and want to be mindful of them, so here is the low down for parking Monday thru Sunday…

Appointment Clients

Clients who are coming in for personal training sessions are welcome to use the visitor parking stalls throughout the day for 1 hour only.  Please re-park (street parking or one of the Kaimuki parking lots) if you plan to go to lunch or run any errands in Kaimuki.

Equipment Class Clients & Group Class Clients

6a-8a Can park in any of the Visitor Stalls #49-58

9a-5p Please find street parking and enjoy a nice warm-up walk to the studio:

·      Option 1: Free or metered parking along 10th, 9th or Waialae Avenues

·      Option 2: Parking in either of the Kaimuki parking lots located between 11th Avenue, 12th Avenue and Kokohead Avenue.

5p-8p Can park in any of the Visitor Stalls #49-58