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Appointment Sessions – Private, Duet, Trio or Private Group sessions (Scroll down to see Private Appointment availability or call/email to schedule. Note: not all instructors post their appointment availability, so if you are looking for a specific instructor, please call/email.)

Equipment Group Classes – Pilates Reformer, Pilates Wall Tower (a modified Trapeze Table), Aerial Pilates and GYROTONIC® method Classes

Non-Equipment Group Classes – Pilates Essentials, GYROKINESIS®, Yoga, Partner Yoga, FUNctional 30, FUNctional 60, Kupuna Class and GYROTONIC® Prep Class

Workshops – Alignment & Functional Movement Series, Ayurveda Series, Essential Oils for Everyday use and much more. *see schedule & details on 'Workshops' page

Teacher TrainingsGYROTONIC® method Teacher Training Courses. *see schedule & details on 'Teacher Training' page


 = FIRST TIME clients

◎ = Pre & Postnatal clients


Pilates Essentials 1 is a Beginning to Intermediate level Pilates Mat class where we venture through beginning and intermediate Pilates mat repertoire.  Advanced students will find benefit in revisiting the deep foundational work that makes us "hurt so good" in the "muscles I didn't know existed."  During this full-body workout, we develop and build upon the Pilates principles-breath, control, precision, coordination, along with proper body mechanics, core strength, flexibility, stability and mobility. Each class is custom-designed to the day and students.  We supplement the exercises with the use of props - bands, balls, foam rollers, and Pilates Arcs. No prior experience needed. ✦/

Pilates Essentials 2 is an Intermediate to Advanced Pilates Mat class. Students should have prior Pilates experience and be familiar with beginning and intermediate Pilates repertoire. This class is for students who are ready to challenge their strength, mobility, balance and focus in every exercise. The exercises performed are designed to challenge the muscular, skeletal and nervous systems simultaneously! Each class is custom-designed to the day and students, and each instructor brings to the table his/her own unique style and sequencing. We enhance the exercises with the use of props. Pre-requisite: Pilates Essentials 1 or prior Pilates mat experience.

Aerial Pilates Wainani Wellness Aerial Pilates is exclusive to Wainani Wellness Center.  This class supports and challenges Pilates repertoire with the aerial hammock. We use the hammock at various heights and settings that allow the whole body to feel the spectrum of relaxed and weightless to strong and grounded. Classes progress in a way where students of all backgrounds will feel successful and safe; eventually progressing to hanging, spinning, inverting and floating. No prior aerial experience required. Prep classes: Pilates Essentials 1 or Functional 60 minutes.

Pilates Tower Classes enhance exercises from Pilates mat and cadillac repertoire through the use of the Pilates Wall Tower. Working with the resistance of the springs and push-through-bar, deepens your ability to refine the quality of your work. Tower Classes are fun and one leaves feeling refreshed, energized and balanced. Limited to 4 participants per class.

Pilates Reformer Classes (Levels 1,2,3,Cardio) take exercises from Pilates mat repertoire and support and challenge them through the use of the Pilates Reformer.  Working with the resistance of the springs, pulleys and body weight helps sculpt long lean muscles and connect deep muscle activation through breath and fluid movement. Reformer classes work you deep to the core and leave you feeling like your best self. Limited to 4 participants per class. ✦ Level 1.

To feel prepared and to get the most out of your Reformer or Tower Class experience, we recommend participating in Pilates Essentials 1 Classes (6 Pack) or in a Private Intro 3 Pack. 


GYROKINESIS® is part of the The GYROTONIC® method and is an original and unique movement method with a variety of custom sequences that enables simultaneous lengthening and strengthening of muscles, stimulates circulation, enhances joint mobility and coordination. The exercise sequences are composed of spiraling, circular movements, which flow together seamlessly in rhythmic repetitions. The class generally starts seated on stools and progresses to floor work and culminates with standing work that brings together all the amazing benefits of the session. ✦/

GYROTONIC® Equipment Classes take the GYROTONIC® repertoire into a Group Class environment. Depending on the number of students, each session will flow dynamically as 2 duets on the Pulley Tower/Handle Units or as a circuit class on the Pulley Tower/Handle Units and the specialized equipment (JSB, LEU, Archway, Gyrotoner®). Limited to 4 participants per class. 

We want you to have the BEST experience! Since the work within the GYROTONIC® method is so rich and is accompanied with specialized equipment, we require first-timers to this method to have at least 12 Private sessions (or Private sessions combined with GYROKINESIS® classes) before joining a GYROTONIC® class.  If you have prior experience, but are new to Wainani Wellness Center, we request at least 1 Private GYROTONIC® session before joining a GYROTONIC® class.

Movement Classes  

FUNctional Class is a 60 minute group class. We work in and refine positions and movement patterns that we use daily, like standing, squatting, lunging, walking and running. The key is to unravel the muscles that have gotten bound up from sitting and life so that we can tap into our full strength and flexibility potential. No prior experience required. ✦/

FUNctional 30 is a 30 minute lunch-time version of FUNctional Class. The work is fun and effective...your muscles and joints will thank you. An extra bonus is that your body will be ready & set to digest your lunch into nutrients and energy. ✦/

Kupuna Class Pre Requisite: Have already lived 70+ years of life to the fullest! This 45-minute class consists of functional movement patterns that lead the practitioner towards better balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and breathing. We start with seated exercises done on a stool and progress to supported standing exercises. Consistent application of these exercises allows a practitioner to have more resilience to daily activities. Drop-in Cost $13. Packages also available.

Yoga Dynamics is a blend of flow and fine-tuning; designed for those who want to deepen their understanding of anatomy, alignment and movement mechanics within their yoga asana (postures) and vinyasa (flow) practice.


Rates listed are per 55-minute session and are determined by the instructor.

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·      12-Pack expires 6 months after purchase date

·      6-Pack expires 3 months after purchase date

·      A single class/appointment expires 1 month after purchase date

·      Private Intro 3-Pack expires 3 months after purchase date

·      Workshops expire on the day of the workshop or last day of the series

24-hour Cancellation: Any cancellation of a scheduled session made without 24-hour prior notice will result in a cancellation fee equal to the cost of the session. If you are part of a Duet or Trio Session where your partner(s) are unable to attend, the session will be considered a Private Session at a Private Rate; you are welcome to invite friends/family to fill into the available spots to keep it at the duet/trio rate. At your request, we are happy to help you find suitable partners to fill the available spots.