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Ho’oponopono is the Hawaiian version of a wide-ranging Polynesian metaphysical healing method.  It provides a framework that can become a means to  manifest compassionate loving kindness.  Gather with Mike Zanoni to learn about the depth of this healing practice and how it relates to similar beliefs in other cultures.  This teaching can help you develop or expand your own spiritual practice based on some surprisingly sophisticated but simply performed techniques. 

Many of you know Mike from his work with meditation and qi gong.  Since moving to Hawai’i, he has made ho’oponopono a major component in his efforts to unite healing Consciousness with the power of the land.  Please come and learn the value of the ho’oponopono methods, how they relate to the metaphysics of forgiveness and compassion, and the ease with which they can be incorporated into almost any life-style practice.

  • Date

    • Sunday May 26, 2019

  • Time

    • 2-3:30p

  • Cost

    • $15

  • Attire

    • Comfortable attire

            Besides being an acupuncturist and professor of Oriental medicine, Dr Zanoni has a masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a doctorate in psychology.  He has taught meditation and qi gong, along with participation in various martial arts, for over forty years.  In the past ten years his focus has been on development of healing methods that combine western science with Asian traditional medicine and Hawaiian metaphysics.  

For further information call Mike Zanoni at 808 225-2754 or email Wainani Wellness Center