Classes at Your Finger Tips:

In this collection, you will find movement-based Classes inspired by Travel, Pilates Mat, Props, Partner work, Pain Management, Time Management, Fun and much more.  Also available to you are 'Refine'- Anatomy & Physiology niblettes that give you a deeper look into the body and its mechanics.  It's all about Balance...Balance between flexibility & strength, physical & mental, deep & superficial and micro & macro movements! Tap into a variety of videos for all levels (no experience - to advanced) and interests (pain management - to get-your-sweat-n-burn-on).  These videos were made with the intension to support you when you don't have time to get to a class, are traveling or want an excuse to not have excuses.

Build Your Library:

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Short classes (30 mins & under)

Mini Maintenance (10 mins & under)


Don't Have Time?

Do a Full Class (50 min), take a Short Class (30 min & under) or do Mini Maintenance  (10 min & under)'s all up to you.  You can even customize a session!  We can’t always get to a class or do a full-length class, so In the precious time you do have, set a specific Focus - Whole Body, Core Body, Lower Body, Upper Body.  Pick any sessions you like and do them back to back to make a custom class that fits exactly what it is that you need in the time that you have.  Hey, 5 minutes of quality movement is better than nothing.

What are Classes Like?

In most of our classes and workshops, you will experience the Wainani Wellness style which is influenced by Yoga, Pilates, Functional & Integrative Movements, Dance, the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Strength Training, Aerial Arts, Anatomy, Kinesiology, Ayurveda and discoveries from years of moving and grooving.  Basically just deliciousness inside and out.

What Class is Right for Me?

Classes are rated by Level and Intensity. Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or some blend of those; Class titles would reflect accordingly 'Foundations,' 'Progressions' or 'Transformations.'  Intensity - Mild, Medium, Spicy or some blend of those.  The number at the end of a class title indicates the order in which a video was produced, it doesn't correlate with a classes level or intensity.  Know your limitations and observe the considerations for each class...modify or omit any exercises that don't serve you.  On the flip side, try some adding some spice if you are feeling up to it.  Listen to your body and work in wellness to feel better, not worse!