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GYROTONIC® Explorations into the Extremes 

In this course, students will be guided through a series of exercises on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower and Handle Unit, exploring additional ways of accessing the depths of their structure. Exercise sequences will gradually progress from warm-up and preparation exercises, to mobilizing, restructuring and strengthening exercises. There will be time for learning the details while experimenting with exercise intensity. Each participant will be seen as an individual on his/her own unique journey, according to his/her abilities, and goals - "the Extremes" is a relative term.

The material presented in this course will further enhance one’s experience with the Gyrotonic Method, benefitting Trainers, as well as their clients. A workout following these sequences will leave students feeling balanced, strong, and grounded.

This course qualifies as an official GYROTONIC® method & GYROKINESIS® method update course.

  • Dates: 1/15/2019 - 1/18/2019 (4 days)

    • 1/19/2019 is a 5th and optional day (at no additional cost) that gives participants the time to flow through the Explorations into the Extremes repertoire seamlessly with Abel.

  • Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm (2-hour break is given every day at the 3rd hour)

  • Fees:

    • Studio Fee: $200 (due at time of registration as a deposit to hold your spot in the course; this is non-refundable)

    • Baseline Course Fee: $450 (due on first day of course)

    • Total: $650 USD

*Limited Space Available. 

WORKSHOP OPPORTUNITY: On 1/20/2019, Abel will be offering a single day workshop "Exploration into The Extremes Exemplary Beginner's Class" for trainers who have taken Exploration into The Extremes Course and are interested in deepening their understanding, as well as learning more hands on skills, for application in a client session. Details on our 'Workshops' page

About Abel

Abel Horvath is an engaging and illustrious GYROTONIC® Master Trainer with a methodic yet intuitive approach to teaching. His course is invigorating and inspiring and we are excited to have him back in Hawai`i in January 2019. 

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