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Here are just a few ailments that The Fascianation Method™️ can help alleviate:

  • Plantar Fasciitis

  • Sciatica

  • Gout

  • Shin Splints

  • Back Pain

  • Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

  • Incontinent Bladder

The Fascianation Methond™️ involves using a specialized fitness roller to assist in the release of myofascial adhesions throughout the body.

  • DATE: July 20, 2019

  • TIME: 11:30-1a (90 min)

  • COST: $25


Anthony Chrisco, BS, ACE, NASM PES, is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society, a seasoned certified personal trainer, continuing education provider, co-owner and President of The Fascianator.  For two decades, Anthony has dedicated himself to helping people improve physically. The first ten years were more about fitness training, education, and helping all types of people reach their fitness goals. He worked with professionals and people just getting into fitness alike, making sure that everyone had a supportive, knowledgable, and capable trainer available to them. His overall dedication to wellness is what inspired his research into fascia. To provide people with complete care and to improve his clients further, Anthony wanted to create a way to use the healing properties of fascia, which is throughout the body.  He developed, trademarked, and teaches The Fascianation Method to professionals and practitioners of yoga, physical therapy, personal training, and athletic training, and he also makes it possible for his clients to heal from home, too, thanks to the self-myofascial release process.